Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sadness X 2

Job Openings
  One brave rooster needed to protect, defend, and supervise flock.
  One good mouser required, no prior training necessary.
   Room and board provided.
   Human friendly a plus, but not required.

        Maggie's distress in the upper area of our farm brought the realization that something was very amiss among the chickens.  She bolted frantically through the partially opened gate on a quest.  Unfortunately, it was too late. Sadly a fox found a way through our fence and killed our brave rooster.

      The rooster with no name was bold and proudly watched over the flock. It was a job he inherited from the  last fox raid months ago.  He stepped right up and took it very seriously. If ever a chicken could be a curmudgeon, it was he.  Any human who even gave the hint of being menacing, based on his opinion, needed to be prepared for an attack with his spurs.  Hens that might need aid from the younger newer roosters were saved by No Name. And so it was that he died defending his flock, no match for a fox.

      Sadly,  Angel, who spent yesterday as close to humans as possible must have known the end was near.  She was "the one more cat that we didn't need," but she found a job for herself and a so she stayed and became loved. Angel's body was so slight of frame, but neither a mouse nor a  chipmunk could best her in a battle. Her legacy is found in the only two kittens that survived.  Little Man has become the garage kitty and would stay permanently snuggled in your arms if you let him.  His sister, Muffin, has found a home with our aunt and has really landed in a good place.

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