Thursday, February 23, 2012

And Then There Were Seven

     For almost two years the count was always the same - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.  A very nice number.

     Then about one and a half weeks ago the geese were not found safely locked in their house in the early morning.  How could this be?   Closer inspection revealed that the people door was not locked. Memory of checking for eggs quickly came to mind - the door was not secured when it was closed. Now sometimes the interaction of human and nature leads to something beneficial.  Not so this time.  Mother Nature did her part.  The brisk wind blew open the people door that allowed the geese to get out.

     A different night would have been a different outcome.  The wind would not have blown through the screened window and opening the door, or the door would have been secured tightly as it had always been before. A bad luck intersection of events. 

     Evidently, this was very advantageous to a local fox and bad luck for one of my geese.  It is hard to accept to the loss of one them even after all this time.  Getting used to the loss of the animals on the farm is just something that needs to be accepted, but not without deep regret.

     On the upnote, the weather was in the high 50s today.  The sound of the Canada geese brought eyes upward searching for the "v" shape line of travel on their way north.  Some were flying in the traditional shape, others had a single diagonal line, one was only four traveling in the familiar flight pattern.  Hopefully, they are correct and it's OK to give a serious look at spring activities.   Beautiful sign of the weather change to come - just don't stop here!

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