Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seeking Resilience

Our farm seems to have so many opportunities to learn from nature. Just looking around at the results of  pelting rain from two storms, one being Irene, reveals the resilience of nature.

Pelted by falling rain
     These flowers grow just about anywhere.  A person probably wouldn't even notice them along the roadside. However, upon closer inspection, they have beauty in their simplicity. They reseed themselves, and it is just as likely to find them in a brand new spot as it is for the place they sprouted last year.  The plants spend all summer growing and blending in with other greenery.  And then, when other summer blooms are spent, they appear almost as though out of nowhere with their perky yellow petals.

     The heavy downpours had the flowers drooping and looking rather dejected.  Subconsciously, these flowers had brought a smile to my face and lightened my spirit on the way to the chickens and geese.  Their effect on me wasn't obvious until they were drooping from the rain.  My hope was that it wasn't the end of the season for these cheerful yellow flowers. 

     On the first bright day after the rains, the flowers had rejuvenated; their stems were uplifting the flowers skyward once more.  Nature's resilience won out.  

     The name of my favorite wildflowers is unknown to me. But as a reminder to for the way life should be led, if I were to give them a name, it would be Resilience.

     This could be what my sister's pastor in OK meant when he posted these words, "Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living."

September 11, 2011 - America is back up and living.

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