Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today's Best

The best chocolate cake
German Chocolate Cake (my Valentine's Day dessert) - the absolute best recipe found at the blogspot of Nicole at The Galley Gourmet.  This from scratch cake is so moist, tender, and delicious.  The directions are flawless, and it will turn out exactly as pictured. Thank you Nicole. 

 Farm Animal Truths - 1) The best hay is found at the very bottom of the container and it is best to push everything out and all over the place to get to it.  It's a good thing that Winkyn, Blinkyn, and Nod are so cute.

The best hay is always at the bottom

The best water is only directly from the source

2)  Even though Ring-tail Red has his own very fresh water, just like finding the truth, one can only get the best directly from the source.

Brief Angel sighting last night and this morning.

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  1. Your cake looks wonderful:) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your farm animals are adorable.